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Watered down smaller canvas

Picked up some smaller canvas from Walmart.  When Walmart is your only option for art supplies…well…you gotta roll with it.  When I was in the BFA program we were encouraged to do larger works.  Maybe I was the only one that thought that and it was fine to do smaller works.  Who knows.  I cannot afford to spend a bunch of money on large works though right now and I think it would be best for me to play around on the smaller sizes.  I have been perusing the Will Kemp art school site and learning some new techniques…or rather being reminded of techniques.  Before going to art school I used watercolors and acrylics (not like that has actually changed).  I did not use canvas and would purchase my large paper from the dollar store.  I treated acrylics sort of like watercolor using water to get the various tones that I wanted.  This technique was totally looked down upon once I entered art school.  They told us to use medium.  Water would break down the binder in the paint, it would no longer be archival.  Medium is great for achieving layers and transparent colors, but the paint can build up fast.  Acrylic is simply liquid plastic and the texture of the canvas can get lost pretty fast.  The paint cannot seep into the canvas and there is less tooth of course.  After watching some Will Kemp videos I decided to throw caution to the wind and return to my water painting ways (still using canvas though). Pretty excited to see where this will take me and I know that I will be able to do alot more studies and exercises!!  Brilliant.

Music: Grimes, MuteMath & Active Child.  This is beautiful trance and meditative music that can keep me painting for hours!!

Active Child – Johnny Belinda Blew me out of the water.  Why I did not discover him until now is beyond me.

Grimes – Vanessa (This is how I narcissistically  discovered the artist a couple of years ago, but I was listening to Claire Boucher before…was not that far from discovering her!!  She is RIDICULOUSLY intelligent if you watch any of her interviews.)

Location: A basement suite in Wainwright.

Inspiration: Will Kemp & photos from around Wainwright.

Materials: Golden Acrylics, glass palette, new portable easel, NOT gallery canvas (boo), brushes galore, scraper, glass jar.

Technique: NO medium!!  Acrylic and water only.  Maybe some retarder though.

Outfit: Sweatpants from Value Village, painting apron from the dollar store, mismatching crocs from who knows where and my French Connection sweater that I should really reconsider changing.  Ruined too many good articles of clothing to my artsy passion.

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I have been figuring out that I needed alot more time on my hands to do art.  When going to school and doing an after-degree you really do not have the time to devote yourself to making art.  Maybe there are people who are disciplined enough to do it and that they make the time for it…not me.  I value my health more than making art.  Making time for cooking decent meals, exercising and building relationships take work.  Once that is all said and done, not much time left.  Teaching here in Wainwright can get overwhelmingly busy at times when I am preparing lessons and marking work.  But when I have things down and my students are busy on projects, there is a bit more time to focus on other things.  Making a whack of chilli, going to freeze it and eat more raw veggies this week! I am saving myself time doing dishes and I am eating more healthy too!!  Oh ya…my other tip is only have 2 sets of dishes.  Less mess.  Do laundry twice a week and put it away…right away.  Less mess and more room for creativity!!

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If I am repeating ideas, my apologies…but here goes.  When you want to think differently, be creative, come up with a solution that has been eating you…you MUST change the way in which you are living your life.  How many people have found solutions to problems in areas that they were completely not expecting it.  These insane epiphanies happen in the strangest and most mundane places.  Boredom must be one of the answers to the severe spectrum of creativity and inventions.  Musicians, Artists, and Scientists  have come up with some pretty amazing stuff when they have too much time on their hands.  Wainwright is super different from Edmonton and I think I have found that space that I have been needing for a change over in for my life goals.  It is like my mind has been pushed back to the factory settings on my beloved refurbished Acer.  No more viruses and way more room to store my information.  The old junk that I have been meaning to sort out is no longer holding me back.  I love teaching as I get to learn new things constantly but I need to move myself out of that environment as well.  Started working at Boston Pizza and interacting with people who are a bit older than the kids that I am teaching.  Maybe my brain will come up with some new ideas while I am there.  As an introvert, I have also realized that I need to spend more time in an isolated environment.  Love the TEDtalk by Susan Cain about the power of introverts and how society pushes one-third of the population to behave in manner that drains the energy out of them.  Super cool news from discovery news is that my brain is actually at a higher level of stimulation and does not need that much more activity to go overboard!!  How relieved I am not know that I am normal when I require time alone.  It is difficult to get use to at first.  There are times when I can get pretty bored and I am not used to having this much spare time on my hands.  Last summer, I was working on my life goals and what I considered was important to me.  If I strayed from those goals things needed to change.  As soon as I was working at Boston Pizza, my exercising at the gym pretty much went from four days a week to zero.  I justified the lack of gym and told myself that the running around at work was enough.  My sleeping pattern has told me differently.  When you find a good groove and you leave it…you notice it!!  Maybe dragging yourself to the gym can be a drag, but once you are there…it is all good!!  Cut back to working at Boston Pizza to twice a week and have almost been cured from a three-week cold.  How much painting will I get done now and exercising?  I am excited to see how it goes.

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