November and Pools

Thanks for inspiring me.  After getting back into Edmonton, I’ve been able to settle into my new place in the city and the temporary full-time teaching position on a native reserve. In the summer, I began collecting images of swimming pools and have been waiting for this day where I was balanced in all ways of life:  mental, physical, spiritual and relational health.  This is the acrylic under painting.  The goal is to get the basic tones and color in.  I’ve been spending money like it is water and I realized I have to get in touch with my creative side as well.  Changing it up.  Spend more cash on small canvases with frames and oil paints for the first time in my life.  They are suppose to be fairly rich in color.  I’m nervous to use them to say the least…but I know I have this.  Last night, I had a dream I was painting with oils.

Much Thanks,




Basically used 3-4 colors for this whole painting.  I go a bit crazy with colors.

Keeping it on the down low.


New set up in my side room.


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