New Philosophy: Move to a small town

Settling into my new space and slowly getting back into achieving my goals.  Doing art lots is one of those goals.  After talking about art so much how could it not pour out into other areas of my life?  How do you enter the zone? I find once I clear up the physical space the mental space imitates.  Going to the gym gets any body moving…the heart starts getting all intense and the limbs are strengthened.  Ready to be an extension of whatever art medium I choose to use!  Loading up on decaff coffee when I get back and (of course) it is only because I like the taste.  Afterwards…if I am still not feeling in the zone, I down some ginseng.  Boom.  I am ready.  Headphones.  Plug. Me. In.

After working on the native reserve for a semester and seeing tons of reserve dogs walking around, I thought I would do paintings on the subject.  Since it was way too cold to be taking pictures with my $70 camera, I started looking for inspiration online.  Found images from Russia…China.  Must have had some collective intuitive consciousness going on.  Issues with strays during the Olympics only a few months later.  What was once a novel idea for me could almost be seen as cliché.  Boo.  Thankfully we all forget and need to be reminded.  Nothing is new.  Who am I kidding?

Was listening to XFactor by Sydney Blu and this speech by Malcolm X kept repeating.

 “Once you change your philosophy, you change your thought pattern. Once you change your thought pattern, you change your attitude. Once you change your attitude, it changes your behavior pattern. Then you go on into some action. As long as you have to sit-down philosophy, you will have a sit-down thought pattern. As long as you think that old sit-down thought, you will be in some kind of a sit-down action. They’ll have you sitting in everywhere. It’s not so good to refer to what you are going to do as a sit-in. That right there castrates you, right there it brings you down. What goes with it? Think of the image of someone sitting; an old woman can sit, an old man can sit. A chump can sit. A coward can sit. Anything can sit. Well, you and I have been sitting long enough, and it’s time today for us to start doing some standing and some fighting to back that up.


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