Harcourt House Long Pose


Went to Harcourt House this afternoon for the long pose sketch from 1-4pm.  It was interesting getting back into the sketching business again and really enjoyed the experience.


A friend of a friend actually suggested that we go together.  It wasn’t until the break that I found the session was her first! When you haven’t sketched for a long time it is difficult to get back into it.  Thank goodness I had been working on the sketchbook for the sketchbook tour!


Check out Harcourt House’s drop-in classes.  The studio and gallery is located at 10211-112 Street.


Watercolor and Ink.  11.5″x16.5″, 2012


Sketchbook Tour

Yesterday I dropped off the Sketchbook to go to New York.  It’s pretty exciting.  The work will be in a digital library that you can view on their website.  My theme was “Nothing New”.  Without using much imagination I used Edmonton as the inspiration.  The very same day I received the Limited Edition Sketchbook in the mail.  Wish me luck!


The beginnings of the Art Blog.  What will sort of work will be posted?  What musings will be be transcribed?