While attending university,  I was able to gain much of the insight that my instructors had gathered from practising art.  In 2011, I completed the Bachelor of Fine Arts Program at the University of Alberta (U of A)  with a specialization in painting.   At the U of A, I studied under the direction of Allen Ball, Brenda Kim Christiansen, Scott Cumberland, Peter Hide, Royden Mills, Daryl Rydman, and Caitlin Wells.   Various theories and practices within psychology were also touched upon, as well as the examination of art history.  Prior to receiving my Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree (BFA), I attended Grant MacEwan University and studied art fundamentals with Darci Mallon, Agnieska Matejko, Cherie Moses, and Daryl Rydman.  In 2013, I completed my studies in secondary education with major in visual arts.  Currently, I am teaching students visual arts, financial management, and C.A.L.M. (career and life management) at Edgerton Public School, Alberta.

I was raised in rural and urban Alberta along with my two younger sisters.  In 1997 my parents began a small business in Ardrossan to produce and sell Mennonite sausage. My love for culture and people continued to grow, as I observed and interacted with the crowds that passed though the various Farmers’ Markets.

Spirituality, philosophy, and psychology are subjects that guided me further into visual expression.  Intrinsically driven by a hunger for the beauty that art brings, I finally jumped into the “World of Art” with all the force and faith that one could.

There still is a tendency for me to gravitate away from the present.  Not only do I long to become in-tune with the unconscious state of mind but also the present and conscious being.  I am searching and continually trying to recreate “flow” through the process, not the product, of art.  Both urban and rural landscapes have inconsistencies which is a notion I address in my work.  It is the viewer who, in my hope, will question the unfamiliar or simply enjoy what the moment brings.

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